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Without Net Neutrality, Small Businesses Suffer

Today the FCC votes to decide whether net neutrality rules will roll back. If these rules are loosened, small and growing businesses could face new challenges to connecting with their customers through earned media.

Bribes for Blogs Exposes Bad Actors

Last week, Jon Christian at The Outline shined a big, bright light on a dirty corner of the PR-journalism industrial complex. Contributors at major outlets accepted payments for coverage. Unfortunately, it’s only a symptom of a bigger problem.

Content Isn’t Just King; It’s Lifeblood

For years, all of us in the communications sphere have heard or uttered the adage “Content is king.” My colleague Matt Isaacs discussed content from a contributed editorial, corporate thought leadership perspective a few months back, and that certainly remains an important part of the conversation and the marketing mix. What I’d like to do […]

PR Meets Politics: How 2 Candidates Are #Winning at Social

By Aaron Motsinger With Super Tuesday in recent memory and our nation in the thick of primaries, caucuses, campaigning and endorsements, it’s pretty much impossible to altogether avoid election rhetoric. One of the places it’s become increasingly difficult to dodge is on social media. In the ‘08 election, and even as recently as last year, […]

Contributed Content Isn’t a Corporate Conspiracy

By Matt Isaacs “Full disclosure.” While this phrase is normally followed by an admission of bias, in today’s media landscape, it’s too often overlooked or left out altogether. Here’s my disclosure: I’m going to tell you why you don’t need to be wary of articles from business leaders, entrepreneurs and other non-journalists. That’s alright with […]

The Year in Review: 2015 by the Numbers

By Jen Cadmus Because the PR world exists in a constant state of motion, we rarely take pause to reflect on our amassed successes over time. A big win begets a brief moment of celebration, then without skipping a beat, we all turn to focus on the next task at hand. As we prepare to […]

TDL is Hiring Again!

The Dialog Lab is looking for a passionate, self-motivated PR Manager to join our growing team. This position will manage client relationships, work to secure press coverage, provide strategic and tactical advice, and is responsible for the implementation of communications programs for a range of innovative clients. Responsibilities: Influencer Engagement Identify, build & grow relationships with […]

The Social Network That Refuses to Die

By Aaron Motsinger If you know me professionally, you’re probably also familiar with my longstanding disdain for Google+. When it was unveiled four years ago, I was immediately skeptical. There were various features, like Hangouts, that seemed to have some value from a social perspective, but most of Google+’s existence appeared to be a thinly-veiled […]

Vidyard Co-founders Honored as Young Entrepreneurs

We never get tired of seeing our clients get credit for their greatness. Last night, Vidyard co-founders Michael Litt and Devon Galloway won the Ontario EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award in the Young Entrepreneur category.

Mark Stouse, In-House Innovator of the Year at In2Summit

Congratulations, Mark! We’re excited to congratulate a longtime friend of The Dialog Lab, Mark Stouse, on his recognition as In-house Innovator of the Year and winner of the In2 Gamification/User-Generated Contests category at the In2 SABRE Awards

The Path to Acceptance

I used leverage as a verb. And I feel shame pride shame. If you can claim you have never inappropriately used the word leverage, I am going to go ahead and say that you are either: 1. a liar, 2. an English professor or 3. an infant.

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