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Adometry: Is Intuitive Marketing Dead?

Nate Silver Draws a Crowd for Adometry

For SXSW Interactive (SXSWi) 2013, Adometry, a leading marketing analytics and attribution firm, worked with the The Dialog Lab to organize a buzz-worthy event with two main objectives in mind:

1) Leverage the emerging tech hub location of their Austin headquarters to raise awareness for the Company.
2) Demonstrate to the local community and SXSW visitors (including general conference attendees, partners, customers and prospects) that Adometry is a central figure in the exploding marketing analytics space.

Known for launching iconic technology like Twitter and attracting over 30,000 attendees, SXSWi is one of the largest social media and tech events in the world. The four-day conference is famous for hundreds of lavish company-sponsored parties, giveaways and stunts that contribute to its highly-competitive atmosphere. Cost and scheduling challenges are common with many of the city's venues booking up well over a year in advance and attendees regularly RSVP'ing for hundreds of events, leading to much higher than normal attrition rates.

The Dialog Lab knew it would take a provocative theme, a speaker with rock star status in the geek world, and a fun, yet convenient venue in order to draw and sustain a crowd of several hundred attendees. For the event, Adometry chose "Is Intuitive Marketing Dead?" as a theme tied to the company's brand promise. For a speaker, the team recruited Nate Silver, an out-of-the-box analytics luminary and acclaimed data expert whose FiveThirtyEight blog for The New York Times and recent book, The Signal and the Noise, assured the event would garner attention and secure 'can't miss' status on conference attendees' schedules.

The result was a standing room only event that featured Nate Silver hosting a discussion about the relationship between data and intuition in the ever-evolving world of marketing, followed by a book signing session. In addition to a full house with a line down the street waiting to get in, the event drew in many national reporters and bloggers from high profile outlets including TechCrunch and TIME, amongst others.

Additional Highlights:
• Bungalow, an intimate bar/venue in Austin's trendy Rainey Street District, was chosen as the event venue due to the area's growing popularity and proximity to the Austin Convention Center.
• In order to share the expense of putting on an event of this size, The Dialog Lab suggested Adometry invite complementary local startups also interested in targeting marketing professionals to co-sponsor.
• To help get the word out, The Dialog Lab engaged with industry press, posted event details on Adometry's company blog, and encouraged organic demand by listing the event on industry outlet web sites, like Adotas, as well as the top trafficked event sites for SXSW.
• The Dialog Lab also worked with Adometry to hire a film crew to document the event for post-event promotion, including a rare recorded interview/conversation between Nate Silver and Adometry's CEO.
• Less than one week prior to the event, The Dialog Lab team noticed rain was in the forecast and suggested Adometry order branded umbrellas to hand out to attendees in the overfill outdoor patio of the venue. The weather forecast was spot on and as a bonus, conference attendees were spotted with Adometry umbrellas all over Austin throughout the remainder of SXSW.

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