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Finding the Story Beyond Funding

Because The Dialog Lab focuses on startups and growth companies, we often find ourselves helping clients share funding news with the industry. Venture Capital companies investing in innovative startups who have proven their potential is a pretty common occurrence in today’s digital economy. From a press perspective, a new round of funding is probably worth mentioning but not considered big news unless it comes along with a very big number.

We feel differently. When someone is convinced a company is something worth investing in, regardless of the dollar amount, we believe there is usually a good story about why. In early 2015, the TDL proved this was true.

After a long courtship, our clients at Vidyard successfully brought Bessemer Partners on board for Series B Funding. The TDL team took the time to talk to our clients about the process and dig for storytelling gold. What we uncovered was a long journey through disappointment, a wedding day business call and a great ending for everyone involved.  The result was several high visibility outlets covering a bigger story about Vidyard and its roots, rather than simple mentions of money movement.

Forbes: How One Founder’s Wedding Day Call Led To Millions In Funding From A Top VC

Wall Street Journal: Vidyard Raises 18M after Long Dance with Bessemer

TechCrunch: Video Technology Brings Millennial Marketers to Vidyard

In the instance of Miovision, the story wasn’t about the road to funding but about what planned for the future of the intersections. Nobody likes traffic, the U.S. Department of Transportation recently painted a very gloomy picture of the future of transportation infrastructure and Miovision is committed to bringing Intersections into the digital age. Millions of people are impacted by increasing traffic issues in cities that aren’t equipped to manage it. We helped Miovision showcase what they are doing about it.

Wired: This Startup’s Video Tech Counts Cars to Eliminate Traffic Hell

Reuters: Canadian technology start-up Miovision raises C$30 million

TDL takes pride in knowing how to uncover a good story and we spend the time with our clients to unearth the great ones.

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