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Socialware: Awareness in Financial Services

Storytelling Struts its Stuff, Raising the Media Bar

Socialware was on a quest to find a new PR partner to raise the bar on communications efforts and gain more visibility with target outlets including financial services trades and high level business media. The Company was also hoping to increase their volume of coverage, as the topic of social media use within the financial services industry was really starting to heat up. After meeting with several recommended agencies, Socialware elected to work with The Dialog Lab in order to take their media and analyst relations efforts to the next level.

With a steady focus on the business goals at hand, The Dialog Lab team immediately set forth creating multiple story narratives intended to catch the attention of influencers following the evolution of social media within the financial services industry. The team sparked the initiative by introducing Socialware to relevant press with a proactive pitch around social media compliance. Throughout the year, The Dialog Lab consistently secured coverage with target outlets by leveraging various product launches, newsworthy announcements and current industry trends, while maintaining a consistent and valuable dialog with the press.

Along with media outreach, the team cultivated valuable relationships for Socialware with key industry analysts covering compliance, marketing and financial services technologies. These analyst relationships were valuable on many fronts including assurance that there were credible analysts that could speak intelligently about Socialware's capabilities to prospects and media and as a resource for insights on the industry and competitive landscape.

The Dialog Lab team was also trusted to work directly with Socialware clients to create success stories use cases of how to gain value from social media within the complex world of financial services. The Dialog Lab also created and managed a calendar of industry events in order to submit Socialware executives for leadership and speaking opportunities.

The Dialog Lab produced results that undeniably raised the bar on both communications efforts and media and analysts relations for the Socialware organization. In 2011, Socialware was featured or mentioned in 173 unique articles (not including press releases) and had 23 mentions in top business outlets including the WSJ, Financial Times, Forbes, Dow Jones, Reuters and The Street. Continuous coverage in top technology trades and financial outlets, as well as inclusion of Socialware in competitor stories and round-ups, also helped pave the way to a full calendar of confirmed speaking engagements for 2012. A wealth of beneficial relationships were also developed with reporters who consistently focused on the space and frequently sought Socialware input for stories.

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